Friday, February 5, 2010

What can I do to keep my nails from splitting?

I've tried wearing nail polish, gelatin, multi-vitamins, and the sally hanson nail strengthener. But no matter what I do, they split as soon as they grow out. How do I get them to stop that so I can have beautiful nails?What can I do to keep my nails from splitting?
Nail strength seems to be more effected by environmental damage (i.e. any work that hits the end of the nail like housework, dishwashing or gardening), trauma to the nail (slamming it in a door) or some prescription drugs drugs (steroids). People tend to use nails as tools which increases breakage and can lead to separation of the nail from the bed below which will show up as a white line under the tip of the nail. Nails are ten times more porous than skin and can become chapped (dry) which can increase breakage. Increased exposure to water (dishwashing, cooking and swimming) does increase chapping of nails. So, protect your hands and nails when washing dishes.What can I do to keep my nails from splitting?
may be a diet inadequacy, check you are eating all the right things in the right amounts and cut out processed food
If your nails are splitting it could be for several reasons. One of the most common reasons for splitting nails is filing them in a back and forth motion. You are suppose to file your nails is one direction only. Another problem could be that your nails are dry and although the products you mentioned may help, they won't eliminate the problem. I best thing would be to get some cuticle and nail oil. You should try and use this on your nails everyday. So that means you would have to re polish them everyday for about a week. Then after that use it on your cuticles everyday and your problem should be eliminated.
there is a clear hardening nail polish that works good...and vitamin promotes healthy hair and nails.
Don't put ANYTHING on them. All that chemicals are the CAUSE of it.
Well their is no cure so if someone is telling u vitamins their wrong so just clip them all off and let them regrow it is less expensive and easy
try silk wraps
i suggest you to grind a garlic piece everynight for at least ten minutes,it will make your nails harder.

prenatal vitamins and a clear top coat or hardener
Honestly, nails are like hair...not everyone gets a good set of nails. You are doing everything right. I have great thick hair, but thin weak nails. I do what I can. I highly reccomend OPI's Nail's a great protector...I'm convinced that none of the strengthening products REALLY do anything...folic acid and gelatin are at least supplements that can help them grow better, but once they are out...i think you can just protect them.
take a multivitamin drink lots of milk and apply a nail growth polish on the nail
Can consulting with a nail tech. It might be something beyond the nail that's happening. Don't go to the Asian nail Salon to go a American Spa or American nail salon where they actually study the hands. Nothing against Asian nail salons.
Take more Vitamins, A,D,E,K they help strengthen your nails and hair
I have the same problem and this is what helps me (advice from my nail person)

Massage cuticle oil into your nails everyday (no polish)

Use gloves when cleaning

When your nails start looking healthy, use nailtiques fortifyer, but heep massaging oil into cutilcles EVERY DAY!

Use acetone to remove polish.

Don't use a buffing block on your nails - dries them out

Only file in one direction.

To preserve your long nails without cracking, use a nail wrap (not a fiber wrap, but the tissue kind) available from a nail salon or beauty supply. Downside of the wrap is that you have to keep them polished.
there is a supplement you acn get at gnc called biotin - it is a protein it makes your hair and nails grow - or try seaweed vitamins
If you've tried all that stuff (even the caritin vitams) to no avail. Its time to get some fake nails at the beauty shop.
you have to paint thm then wait 30 mintues for them to dry

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