Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What could cause splitting on the sidewall of a tire?

There are expensive high performance tires on the vehicle. In a few months time, the two front tires have both had what looks like gashes appear on the tire (but not deep enough to make the tire flat.) I heard this is usually because of a defective tire, but I have a hard time believing it would happen to two of the tires in such a short amount of time.

Is there anything else that would have weakened the sidewall or caused this splitting to occur? Is this common with high performance tires?What could cause splitting on the sidewall of a tire?
Your problem is probably caused by underinflation, a low profile tire is much more sensitive to underinflation than a normal tire, hope this helps.

GeorgeWhat could cause splitting on the sidewall of a tire?
It is possible that the tires are older than you think and have been in the sun and weather to long, causing dry rot. try a tire cleaner that has on oil base to prevent that.It is not normal for any tire to do that when they have proper care.
Defective tires or low air pressure, Wrong load range tires for the car.In correct rims?Take to the tire dealer that sells them an see??If there not to old %26amp; defective they might replace them??If not warn out?
The skinny wall tires run very close to the ground. Anything can cut a tire.. Or they were run on low air and weakened the side wall and pop she goes... Put the factory size tires on the car and you will not have problems...
It sounds like just an old dry wrot tire, but if you just bought it probably not. Without seeing it its tough to say but they may be ran flat. If you run on a tire thats under inflated it can break down the sidewall to the point of tire failure. Probably not a good thing if your flying down the highway.

I suggest letting the shop take a look at them.
AIR PRESSURE , too much or too less.
I've seen low air pressure ruin many a tire. Keep a daily check on your tire pressure.
check the date codes on the tires.. they may be way older than new
i don't know, unless the tires are old, as in had been sitting on the shelf long time before being put on the car. I certainly wouldn't buy that brand any more.

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